Buying a Kayak

Buying a kayak is an evolution that makes a difference where you have something that you can have fun or a 12 foot monument wondering how to get rid of it. When I first thought of kayaking, I first thought on what kind of kayaking I would like. I enjoy exploring. Then I asked around to see what others have. One person actually responded back very loud on why a kayak that rides the waves wouldn’t be better since I live so close to the ocean.  I enjoy hiking trails more than riding waves so I knew a kayak that rides on quiet water is suitable to me. Don’t let anyone convince you to buy a kayak that isn’t a good fit.

Other characteristics that I looked at was the time I weighed about 280 lbs. A kayak that was rated at 300 lbs. would ride low in the water. Also some people needs to transport their kayak on top of their car. That means they would have to pick up the weight over their head. Mine goes in back of a truck. This made length an issue. A 14 foot kayak would fall off the back because of so much kayak hanging off the back. I have put a 14 ft. kayak there but I needed to make advanced preparations.

You will probably think of other characteristics that you would like to see in a kayak. I bought a red kayak which as red is an universal danger color in the animal world, it seems to scare some animals away.

I also received an opportunity to try out a model of the kayak the I was soon going to buy by going to an L. L. Bean Saturday morning organized kayak adventure at a local lake.  They have about a dozen different kayaks to try out. It is supervised so questions can be asked.

Here are some YOU TUBE demonstrations

Different types of kayaks and buying your first kayak

Also includes buying a boat rack

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