Colcord pond

concold concord103213

Date traveled – October 3, 2013
length of trip – 1.1 miles
weather – cloudy, little breeze, about 60 degrees. Evening sun was going down
Time on the water- .5 hours

This is only a small pond in Exeter NH, fairly close to the center of town.  Documentation says that the average depth is between 2 and 7 feet.  It is more of a fishing area than a place to go boating.  I had a busy day and wasn’t able to start until late afternoon.  This is a small pond created by a dam on Little river.  I did not know how small it was until I kayaked the pond.  For a small pond I saw a number of ducks (about 20 – 30).  When I got there was a parking lot next to the park.  I needed to carry the kayak across the street.  The bridge look too small to go under.  There was very little lake on the parking lot side.  I cross the road and put the kayak into the water.  It was a very relaxing and uneventful trip.  I saw a number of ducks and places where I disturbed the fish by the surface water motion.  There were houses on both sides.  I did not see as many weeds as I expected.  Usually  this late in the season when the water is warm and somewhat stagnate due to the lack of rain.  This creates perfect conditions for the weeds to grow and overrun the pond.  I finish the trip.  I took the kayak out of the water and brought it back to the truck.  It was a short  and enjoyable time.

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Bridge on route 111A
Bridge on route 111A

1 thought on “Colcord pond

  1. We actually live along Colcord Pond, and it is a very short but beautiful pond. When we first moved in, we paddled the pond a number of times, but soon realized that we were disturbing the ducks too much, so stopped going out. We now know that the pond is a nesting ground for Canadian Geese, Mallard Ducks, and Wood Ducks, as well as a feeding ground for Great Blue Heron, Double Crested Cormorant, and even Osprey. We have a beaver living on our property, a muskrat living across the pond, and have also seen mink, river otters, and a Fisher cat. With such an abundance of wildlife in so small of a spot, the pond is not an ideal place for boating. While we would never tell anyone that they can’t boat here, we do STRONGLY recommend avoiding the pond during nesting season.

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