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Kayaking down the Exeter River

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It was a long hard winter.  I was overdue for a kayak adventure.  There was 4 places I set aside for spring time.  3 of the locations are dependent on the tide.  I tried this location last year and found the trail to put in the kayak was covered with poison ivy.    This year there was only a few plants but not overrun like last year.  The kayak needed to be carried about 50 yards until a suitable spot to let in the kayak was found.  As I went into the kayak, I slipped on some mud and got soaked.  My camera, GPS and my cell phone all wet.  They all seemed to still be working so I started my journey.  A side note- the water felt pretty warm even though ice out was only a month earlier.

I started down the river.  Although the water level was higher than normal it was still a nice slow pace.   Both sides of the river had character.  Some parts were woodland and some parts were brushes.   On the left I came across a campground.  There were campers even in mid may.  I could smell campfires burning.  It brought back pleasant memories of the times I used to go camping.  One person yelled out saying she wishes she was out on her boat.  As I passed under a large fallen tree another person said they heard a crack indicating the tree was ready to fall even more.

There was a sound of the boat brushing over a log.  The log was a few inches under water where it was hard to see.  I saw an error in my camera.  It seems my waterproof camera had a small leak and water was interfering with its operation.  I opened the battery portion and wiped down the batteries and the memory card.  When the camera was put together it worked flawlessly.  The GPS also started failing.  Kept getting a continual beeping sound.  I did not want to disturb the GPS keeping my progress so I let it keep beeping.  Sure enough at the end of the trip I took the GPS apart, wiped it down and put it back together.  It worked perfectly.  When I downloaded the information into my computer it was like there was any problems.

Getting back to the story, I continued my trip down the river until there was blockage preventing me from going further.  I turned around.  The sights were still enjoyable to see on the way back.  The was a pair of ducks going through the brushes.  There were other birds around.  I went past the location where I put the kayak in and was able to go up the river an additional quarter of a mile.  I went back to the location and took the kayak out without incident.   My cell phone will never be the same.

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