Taylor River

Bird's eye view of Taylor river
Bird’s eye view of Taylor river

Kayaking down this river is an interesting experience.  You can hardly call it a river.  It is small.   Many maps show a pond upstream of this location.  However the dam was disassembled and the pond disappeared and a small stream appeared in its place.   If you do some exploring go down Timber Swamp road.  Take a right on Old Stage road.  Go down this short road.  You will see Alpaca on your left and other farm animals to your right.  At the end you will see a fancy covered foot bridge going over the Taylor river.  To get more information on Taylor river go to   http://www.hookandbullet.com/fishing-taylor-river-reservoir-hampton-falls-nh/ or http://www.nh.gov/dot//projects/hampton13408b/documents/Taylor_River_Public_Presentation_111009.pdf or http://www.myriverguide.com/scripts/four.asp?ID=19913&TYPE=FLYFISHING.   Posts on this blog is  concerning the Taylor river  

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