Marshland (Includes Rye to Kittery)

Leaving from odiorne point

10112011Departure point – Boat ramp near Ordione point – Route 1A
Time – Oct 11 2011 1:00 – 2:30
Length of Trip – 2.9 miles

Rte. !A Bridge
Saw a friend while paddling

Description – It was a beautiful day.  I knew being October that my time for kayaking is limited.  I am shy kayaking during hunting season and it was getting close to bird hunting season if not already here.  I had to park on the other side of the waterway from Ordione point.  The normal parking lot was closed.  I was not the only one parked there.   It seemed to other people that it was good boating weather.  The tide was going out.  I set off and went immediately under Rte. 1A bridge.    The map showed a small body of water to the left but is was grass.  100_1406 100_1411

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