Pow Wow

The Pow Wow river is a very beautiful river. Even with its beauty there is little written on the river itself. The river has very few buildings on both sides. It is well known for its fishing and wildlife. Some of the river is still recovering from the time too much water was drained in the fall and the water froze to the bottom of one of the lakes. There is a number of lakes the Pow Wow river drains into. This adds to the variety of the scenery. Here is some of the experiences of people boating down the river.

This is a website of a person combining the Pow Wow river and Tuxbury pond in Amesbury Mass. There is a lot of great pictures. http://bostonkayaker.com/cgi-bin/bkonekpage.cgi?pagekey=powwowtux

Here is what it says in Wikipedia on the river http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powwow_River

There is a Pow Wow river state forest adjacent to the river. There is a number of trails of observation locations in the forest http://www.pickatrail.com/sun/p/america/forest/powwow_river_state_forest_rockingham_new_hampshire/map.html

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