Rivers (a to m)

There are so many small rivers in New Hampshire that can are slow moving.

Many rivers can not be transverse from beginning to end in one trip because of interferences. The personality of each river changes with the seasons and the amount of rainfall occurring. Some are tidal and changes during the day from high tide to low tide. A rule of thumb for these tidal rivers is to start and stop within 2 hours of high tide. This is only a rule of thumb. Some tidal waters has less of a window and some more.

The amazing concept is that the Northeast especially close to Boston is considered high populated. You don’t notice this when on any of this rivers. Whether or not one is a fisherman, a birdwatcher, a horticulturist or a casually observer of nature will get something out of these trips on the rivers.

For each river listed, I tried to give some background information from other sources. This will give good background information prior to kayaking on these rivers. Below I have a list of rivers alphabetically from a to m. There are too many rivers to put in one list.

Cocheco River

Isinglass River