Greenwood Pond

Date traveled – April 20, 2012
length of trip – 1.2 miles
weather -Partly cloudy, about 60 degrees.
Time on the water-30 minutes

Greenwood pond aerial view
Greenwood pond aerial view
Greenwood pond map
Greenwood pond map

 I started kayaking that day knowing that I was going to kayak on 2 ponds that day.  That was Greenwood pond and Great pond.  Both ponds are next to one another.  I went to Greenwood pond first.  My intention is to go to Greenwood pond first.  I did not know where to launch the boat.  I traveled up and down different side roads trying to find it.  A friendly woman came out of the house and asked me why I was going up and down the roads.  I told her and she took pity on me and allowed me to cut through her property.  I did and launch the boat.

As I went around the pond, I saw evidence of fish.  There was lots of small fish – Too small to identify.  I know where there are small fish, there are bigger fish.  I also saw a blue heron and other birds there.  The other thing that I saw was a boat launching sight.  It was at the end of an alley behind a church.  It was hard to find driving around but easy to see from the lake.  This lake although small was a great lake to go kayaking because of the wildlife and the amount of area not built up.

After I went around the lake I went to the house whose family let me put the boat in.  I said my goodbyes and thank them.  I then went to Great Pond to continue my adventure.  I could not find the pictures that I took that day.  I might have to travel that lake again.

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