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Kayaking on Lake Pawtuckaway


  • Date traveled – August 6, 2015
  • length of trip – 5.1 miles
  • weather – some wind, about 75 degrees no clouds
  • Time on the water- 2.5 hours

I have been wanting to kayak on this lake for a while. At first I thought that I would have to enter the park through the main entrance. The main entrance is on the south end of the lake. Through some investigation I found a simpler and more direct route to the lake on the northern end. I needed to go past the entrance to Nottingham town beach.

When I entered the parking lot there was not only a ramp to easily place the boat into the lake but there was a well maintained trail that led to the system of trails that the park has to offer. Only problem with this trail that although well maintained it leads one through a lot of marshland. So bring powerful insect repellent.

There is also an outhouse there at the parking lot.

Before I put the kayak in the water there was someone to inspect all boats for foreign vegetation. I was glad to do this. I have been on lakes that have been overrun by plants. It makes boating much more difficult. He said he had already found a few of those plants already that day. After inspection I was given the approval to enter.

I was with my brother-in-law that day and we were both anticipating a great time kayaking and we weren’t dissapointed.