Kayaking on Blackwater River


  • Date traveled – August 27, 2015
  • length of trip – 5.3 miles
  • weather – windy, about 80 degrees, high level clouds
  • Time on the water- 2.5 hours

It was late morning.  I had wanted to get there earlier but life got in the way.  The best time to get there is about an hour before high tide and it was already high tide.  Most of the tidal waters are navigable for at least 3 hours before and after high tide so I started.

There was a good place to park along route 1A on the Seabrook side of the channel.  I let in the kayak there and took off.  I went up the river.  It was beautiful.  I saw some majestic houses to my left.  On the other side of the channel I saw grassy marshland full of Red-wing blackbirds, herons  and other birds.  It was a nice trip.  I had the channel to myself.

Soon there was a choice of whether to go to the left or right.  I wanted to go to Browns restaurant.  I took a right.  Wrong choice.  It was a scenic trip and enjoyed it.  I went to as far as I could go which was Route 286 and turned around.  When I got back to the fork I went the other was.  Soon I got to Browns and I could hear the loudspeaker yell out “Order 86 is ready for pick up.”   I continued on and saw under the bridge where it was too shallow.  Even when the tide was at it’s extreme height it would still be too shallow.

I headed back to the car.  It was easy since I was going with the flow of the tide.  At the entrance of the river I hit a submerged object.  It was metal.  It look like a runner that is used to drag the larger boat out of the water.  I backed up and went around.  I then concluded the trip at the same location I started out.  I had a good time.

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Getting ready to start


One of the side trips
Browns restaurant
As far as I can go
Open water prior to going into the marshland
One of the homes adjacent to Hampton Harbor
The beach from where I left


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