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Kayaking the Oyster river

Map of trip
Trip as seen in Google earth
  • Date traveled – Sept 27, 2014
  • length of trip – 5 miles
  • weather – calm, about 75 degrees no clouds
  • Time on the water- 2 hours

I was in the need for some kayaking.  This summer was brutal when it came to my schedule to get out in the water.  Today was perfect.  The weather was perfect and there were no commitments.  I looked at the map to see where I haven’t gone before.  What stuck out was Oyster river in Durham.  I saw on the map where one can put in a kayak.  I had tried to find it before but without any luck.  This time I found it.  It was a nice park near UNH.

I put in the kayak there.  There was a group of people there that lost their Frisbee in the river.  I went out in the water, picked it up and threw it back to them.  I went upstream to look at the dam and then immediately went downstream in the direction of Great Bay.

Both sides were woods with some high class housing.  All around me small fish were jumping.  This usually means that there are bigger fish scaring the small fish out of the water.  I wish I had a fishing rod.  A ways down the was a path to follow in the kayak.  It was a little longer than 1/2 mile and there were reeds on both sides.  I traced my steps and started back on the river.

I continued down the river until Great Bay was in front of me.  Then had a panic attack.  Did I lock the car or not.  I went back.  The car was locked.  I put the kayak into the truck and took off.  As I was kayaking I saw another place to let in the kayak so I looked for that.

Sure enough there was Jackson point.  There was a boat house where UNH stored their skulls for crew.  There was also a kids playground and a skating rink.  I did not know any of these places existed.  It was a great time all around.

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Obelisk along side of the water
Sharing the river with kayakers in training
Side trip
Metal statue of a fish skeleton
House at a point surrounded by water on 3 sides
Bridge by UNH

DSCF0049 DSCF0057 DSCF0058

Stonehouse pond

Map of trip
Map of trip



  • Date traveled – August 29, 2014
  • length of trip – 1 mile
  • weather – slight overcast, strong breeze
  • Time on the water- 30 minutes

I was out exploring for a place to let in my kayak.  I tried the Isinglass  river but the water level was too low.  I tried a few small lakes close by.  All was unsuccessful.  So I explored.  I found a road where the map showed where there was no road.  I did find a launch that the map showed was in the middle of the woods at the end of a road that allows only one car moving down the road at one time unless one of the car pulled off to the side of the road.    The road was about a mile long.

When I got to the end I saw a small pond with hikers and people on a nearby rock having lunch.  There was not a single house on the pond.  On the other side of the pond was people doing rock climbing.  I put the kayak in the water after carrying it only 50 feet.

The water looked clear and felt warm.  I took the kayak around the lake.  It was short but one of the nicer excursions in the kayak.  When I got back it was nice.  I asked local people people if there was fishing and they said there was some fly fishing.  It was a great time in the wilderness.

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Getting ready for the trip

Getting ready for the trip

view of the water
view of the water
More of the lake
People doing rock climbing
People doing rock climbing
Beaver house
Beaver house
more view of the lake
more view of the lake