Kayaking the Lamprey river to Great Bay

My journey
Journey as seen from Google maps



Date traveled – August 12, 2014
length of trip – 3.1 miles
weather -Sunny, about 80 degrees.
Time on the water- 1.8 hours

I have been wanting to do this trip for a few years.  I decided now to do this trip.  The place to let in the Kayak is in New Market center.  There is great parking there.  There were people fishing at the wharf there.  No one was catching anything.  I did see an abundance of small fish there.  Where there is small fish there is usually big fish.    When I left I notice that the terrain was like a miniature Fjord.  With the exception of where the town buildings where on both sides of the river there were steep inclines covered with trees with some rock outcroppings.

As I started the journey I noticed a sign on the other side of the river designating a conservation area.  The hills on both sides of the river was directing the wind from Great Bay against me.  The view from the kayak were beautiful.   I saw a number of ducks and cormorants all around me.  They were friendly.  As long as I did not make any sudden mores, the birds were not scared off.  I continued down to Great Bay.  I was the only one in the river.  As I got closer to Great Bay the waves got bigger and the wind became stronger.  Looking around it was all woods with some clearings and a few houses.  With the exception of those houses it seemed that I was in the middle of a small wilderness.

I started heading back.  I made good time with the wind in my back.   From the water one can see a new prospective of the personality that Newmarket has.  Past the drop in point I could see the dam that years ago provided power to the industries.  The river I just was on was the way the boats came up from Portsmouth for trade.  This land has much history to it.  I got off the boat, put it into my truck so  could have a leisurely walk through the town.

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Aerial view from Google maps
Aerial view from Google maps

Conservation area at start of journey

Conservation area at start of journey

Stairway from the conservation area
House along the side of the river
House along the side of the river
Birds observing me from tree
A flock of Cormorants
View of Great Bay from the river
Coming into Newmarket
Macallen Dam
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1 thought on “Kayaking the Lamprey river to Great Bay

  1. Are there any recommendations on when to launch tide wise? I plan on taking this route and fishing the mouth of the Lamprey where it enters Great Bay from my fishing kayak then heading back up to the launch.

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